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Jo Ann

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Jo Ann Mann

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nonfiction essay


Hello All! My name is Jo Ann and I live in South Carolina with a four legged roommate named Tyke. Yes, I am an animal lover and advocate. I believe in sharing space with most of God’s creations. There are a few exceptions, like snakes and mosquitoes, and Tyke would add fleas and ticks, but, generally speaking, I’m a share our planet, take care of our planet, kind of person. Years and years ago I was a military journalist and news editor (think typewriters and Kodachrome, that long ago), and loved it. Then I went to seminary, and my writing sort of got subsumed into sermons and chaplain columns and workshop presentations. Now I have retired, and Tyke and I are charting our course for this next stage of life. My heart is calling me back to my first love, to writing.