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What every author needs to know about publishing

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Workshop Q&A Highlights

Actual word count, since all word processing software automatically counts words. (There is no reason to use an estimate.)

Dedicate a year to writing. Write on a blog. Write on Facebook or Instagram. Give yourself a year to figure out if writing is something you want to focus on.

Yes, go to and click on Submissions.

Yes, as long as your arrangement with the previous agent has been terminated.

It’s informative, but there is a lot of interaction and I become familiar with the students, so I can always take a look when your work is ready.

Query = a brief letter sent via email, equivalent of about a page. Proposal = detailed multi-page document submitted upon request from agent or publisher.

There is a presumptive copyright on your work. You have loads of evidence that it’s your own work, in the form of your computer records. Beyond that, you realize it’s unlikely anyone wants your work; everyone’s too busy with their own. You simply get on with it and don’t spend energy worrying about it.

You can use the same resources as people living in the U.S., assuming you want a U.S. agent.

It can be hard to tell. Ask a LOT of questions about how much it costs and what you will get for that money. Be realistic with yourself about your chances of recouping your investment through sales of your book. Hint: most self-pub books (but not all) sell less than 1,000 copies.

Whether or not the manuscript is completed, you need a proposal.

The course includes Q&A with every session, and lots of interaction in our Facebook group between sessions.

The equivalent of half a typewritten page to a page and a half. Only go long if your nonfiction book requires a big platform.

No, but you receive detailed instruction and tools to write your book, write your query, write your proposal, build your platform.

No need to disclose in a query, but definitely in your first conversation with a potential agent.

Workshop Overview

After negotiating over 300 author contracts with more than 20 publishers, I’ve picked up a few tips for authors looking to get published. In this workshop we’re going to cover eight things you need to focus on as you pursue publishing.


Rachelle Gardner
Literary Agent 

Rachelle Gardner is an agent and publishing coach, working with authors on both fiction and nonfiction. A publishing industry veteran since 1995, she has worked inside two publishing companies and worked with more than 150 authors to bring their books to publication.

As an agent, Rachelle represents an impressive list of more than 70 bestselling and award-winning authors published by HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random house and more.

As a publishing coach, she gives professional insight and feedback to writers needing guidance in taking the next step toward publication.

Rachelle has enjoyed interacting with the writing community for the last ten years on her blog and Facebook page, providing hundreds of articles helping writers to navigate the rocky road of publishing.

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