Clumsy Bloggers’ Workshop

$149.00 $99.00

The Clumsy Bloggers’ Workshop is a six-week ecourse – one new lesson each week. Start whenever you want and work at your own pace. Over the six eight weeks you’ll learn about:

  • Lesson 1: Design & Layout
  • Lesson 2: Consistency & Content
  • Lesson 3: Titles, Formatting & Comments
  • Lesson 4: Images
  • Lesson 5: Social Media
  • Lesson 6: Mailing Lists

Each lesson is super-practical, written in a conversational style, with plenty of examples – images and links scattered throughout each lesson.

At the end of each lesson, you will find a 2-3 page printable PDF of action steps to help you apply what you’ve learned. If you need more on a particular topic, you’ll appreciate the list of Recommended Resources I compiled for each lesson.