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Sena Lauer


Nobody in the entire world has ever accused me of being short on words. I was 9 years old when my mother prompted me to write my first letter to the editor and for better or for worse (because, sometimes, you know…) I’ve believed in the power of my voice ever since.

I studied journalism and communications (and theology because why not) at a small liberal arts college before entering a career in communications for nonprofits and small businesses. Today I collaborate with two of my best friends as a little branding collective called Averson Creative and every day is an absolute riot. I also have a side hobby of maxing out Instagram characters on posts and some people have told me I should write more often and explore other spaces where I should also supposedly even get paid for it. It’s my greatest dream to be an actual, real-live, grown-up writer, but I have strung myself through round after round of excuses and impostor syndrome, until I decided to finally pull the trigger and come to Author School. So here I am, world.

I love sports, politics, feminism, and churchy things. Rarely turn down a cup of strong black coffee or a glass of red wine. I’m married and we currently live in Vancouver, BC (though are both from the US). Oh also, my name is pronounced “Say-nuh” because that is normal question.